Chances are, when you purchase certified organic products in today's marketplace, they were inspected by someone who was
trained in organic inspection practices by IOIA.

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and to help build new programs that continue to provide both initial training and
continuing education for professional inspectors.
Inspectors provide a critical link between the certification process and consumers. IOIA-trained inspectors are on the ground, at farms and processing facilities, ensuring that the integrity of the certification process is maintained. Certification = Verification and verification of organic standards costs money, as does providing cutting-edge training to inspectors to keep them at the
top of the game.

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IOIA Apprenticeship Pilot Program

Help solve the problem of the lack of access to high quality, consistent mentorship for new inspectors.
Reynaldo de la Rosa Memorial Scholarship
Help us fund our newest scholarship, created specifically to help potential inspectors located in Mexico to take an IOIA Basic Inspection course. This new scholarship was introduced at the 2021 Virtual AGM.
Ayúdenos a financiar nuestro esfuerzo más reciente, la Beca Conmemorativa Reynaldo de la Rosa, creada específicamente para ayudar a los posibles inspectores ubicados en México a tomar un curso de Inspección Básica IOIA. Esta nueva beca se introdujo en la AGM virtual de 2021.

While you're here: OCIS Travel Fund
IOIA awards the Organic Community Initiative Scholarship to a recipient with potential to develop organic in their region of the world (outside the US and Canada). The scholarship covers the cost of a training but doesn’t cover travel.

The OCIS Travel Fund is supported entirely by donations and has helped scholarship recipients from South Korea, India, Mexico, and other countries travel to training.


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