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IOIA responds to training requests from non-governmental organizations, universities, certification agencies, government agencies, and others to provide training wherever it is needed. IOIA’s training program also includes courses for many other audiences.

Our courses are recognized internationally as the most comprehensive organic inspector training available. Our multi-lingual training staff can provide training in English, French, Spanish, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, or other languages with translation assistance. It is an option inside the USA only for in-house training. Outside the USA, cosponsor-managed training is generally the most appropriate and cost-effective training option.

Different training models include:

Formats determine the cost, financial responsibility, amount of involvement, and time investment for the cosponsor.

IOIA offers the following information for those interested in cosponsoring IOIA trainings. Please review the Guidebook to see if the Cosponsor-Managed training will work for you.

Training Program open book imageGuidebook - for Cosponsors who are interested in organizing a IOIA training.

Click image to link to Guidebook
in MS Doc format

Cosponsor Manual - Geared towards Cosponsors who have already decided to conduct a Cosponsor-managed training. Cosponsors must contact the IOIA office for a user password to open this PDF document. pdf manual

Cosponsor Forms -Please contact the IOIA office for user password to access this page. Forms

If you wish to arrange to cosponsor an IOIA training, please contact the IOIA Training Office.

IOIA offers the following information for our Trainers:

Trainer Manual [PDF]
Training Attendee Guide (frequently asked questions) [MS Doc]
Trainer Forms

Please contact the IOIA office for user password to access the Trainer Manual and Forms pages.