IOIA Training Institute Course Levels

100-level (Entry-level): IOIA provides basic CropLivestock, and Processing Inspection Training Courses in-person, each course typically 4.5 days in length. IOIA also provides 100-level training in the Organic Standards via webinars. Certificates of Completion are awarded to successful attendees. Persons who fail the course and those who audit the courses receive Letters of Attendance. Deadlines for application are approximately 4-6 weeks prior to the course. All courses include instruction on the certification process, relevant organic standards, inspection protocols, audit trail (record keeping) requirements, input materials, report writing, ethics, investigative skills, risk assessment, and effective communications. Inspection field trips are taken in small groups and each attendee completes a written inspection report.  Processing courses ainclude structural pest management, sanitation, and labeling. Livestock courses include meat slaughter inspection and inspection procedures for meat and dairy animals, fiber-bearing animals, and poultry.

200-level Courses (Intermediate Level):
 Typically offered via webinar, these topics are not covered comprehensively in the basic courses but are essential skills for all inspectors. Webinar delivery makes training globally accessible, consistent, reproducible, green, and cost-effective. The webinars include a pre-course reading assignment, pre-course assignment, in-course exercises, and post-assessment exam. To ensure quality, courses are limited to 20 participants.  Examples are Farm Audit Trail, Natural Resource Assessment, Livestock Dry Matter Intake and Feed Audits, Livestock Input Materials, Processing Audit Trail, Multi-ingredient Processing Inspections, Sanitation/Pest Control, ¬†Grower Group Inspection, and Residue Sampling.

300-level (Advanced and Specialty Topics): Offered both in-person and webinar. Attendees to Advanced courses must have completed a Basic Course previously and have at least 2 years of inspection experience with 20 inspections or 1 year experience with at least 30 inspections.  This requirement does not apply to all specialty topics. Examples of webinars include: Organic Aquaculture, Food Safety, Maple Syrup Inspection, and Winery Inspection.

Preparatory Courses: IOIA provides preparatory webinar courses for basic courses. One example is Food Processing Basics for the Organic Inspector, developed and delivered by Joseph Montecalvo, PhD. Food Science and Human Nutrition/Biochemistry.