. 2021 Virtual AGM Recap!

2021 IOIA Virtual AGM on March 4
Was NOT Just Another Zoom Meeting!

After a year of online conference calls, developing an exciting online annual meeting agenda was a bit of a challenge, but we rose to the occasion and, revisiting the recording of the event, we were successful!

Officiated by Vice Chair Janine Gibson, who kept us on track, on time (remarkably well for a group that tends to loquacity), recognized and appreciated!

To view a recording of his presentation (41 min), please Click here. First up, Keynote Speaker Jochen Kleboth,
Head of Data Analytics at Intact, delivered his presentation on "Improving Audit Performance and Planning with Artificial Intelligence Tools."

To view Part 1 of the AGM (approx 1 hr 20 min),
please click here.
After our Keynote speaker, the meeting moved to business matters. The Annual Report was delivered by Board chair Lois Christie (remotely as she was waiting in line to get vaccinated!); followed by Committee Reports, highlighting:
  Asia Pacific Committee training in Thailand, January 2020
  Latin America - New Member Outreach
To view Part 2 of the AGM (approx 1 hour 9 minutes), please click here. Michael Sligh gave a brief presentation about the Alliance for Organic Integrity
  Followed by the Treasurers' Report, delivered by ED Margaret Scoles due to our Treasurer Ryan Sitler being ill and unable to attend.
  Election for the Board of Directors was streamlined using an online voting tool called Election Runner. Each member received an email with a unique link to vote. The program allowed us to send reminders, and we ended up with over 50% of eligible members voting, most of those ahead of the AGM.
Slido comment cloud showed us in real time where members want the 2022 AGM to be located.

Congratulations to the new Board! 

It has been an amazing experience and a lot was accomplished (even more so during this Covid year) through our Zoom meetings with various IOIA committees such as the Mentorship Committee, Fund-Raising Committee, IOIA/ACA Joint Boards Check-In meetings, and the PAL’s Committee that led to the Town Halls and the Remote Audit Training in English and Spanish (thank you also to Garth Kahl).  All of these committees and meetings have been a great source of connectivity and information and I enjoyed participating with so many amazing IOIA members.  I miss those meetings already! 

The most joyous part of my term on the Board (first as Secretary, then as Board Chair), has been working with the amazing Margaret Scoles.  IOIA and Margaret have been an important part of my career since I took my first Basic Training in Wisconsin about 20 years’ ago.  There would be no IOIA without her dedication to IOIA and supporting our industry.  She has become a valued colleague and friend.  I am also grateful to the many new friendships formed with Board members, and a special thank you to Janine Gibson for her assistance as Vice-Chair with her invaluable experience with Board guidelines.

I retired from my inspection work this year; however, I will continue with my very busy consulting company (Christie Organic Consultants, Inc.), where we do hundreds of pre-inspections with clients throughout the year to ensure they are complaint.

Lois Christie
Outgoing Board Chair, IOIA

Below are archived documents relating to this AGM:
Agenda Board Candidate Bios 2020 Annual Report
Speaker Bios Draft minutes from 2020 AGM  
2020 IOIA Financial Reports 2021 Budget