Our Mission: To address issues and concerns relevant to organic inspectors, to provide quality inspector training, and
to promote consistency and integrity in the organic certification process.

IOIA Onsite Training Schedule

Registration for the following Organic Inspection Field Trainings are now closed.

IOIA/MTDA Crop Inspection Field Training, Bozeman, Montana
September 7 & 8, 2017

IOIA/MTDA Handler Inspection Field Training, Bozeman, Montana
September 8 & 9, 2017

IOIA/MTDA Organic Livestock Inspection Field Training, Bozeman, Montana September 11 & 12, 2017

IOIA is planning another Organic Inspection Field Training for the late spring of 2018. Please check back with us here as the New Year rolls around.

IOIA and Montana Department of Agriculture (MTDA) are cosponsoring the Organic Inspection Field Training in Bozeman, Montana. 

New in 2016, the Field Training as a structured apprenticeship include two days of practice inspections with an IOIA trainer mentor. At the Field Training, participants will work with an experienced inspector to participate in and complete, two inspection reports. On day 1 of the Field Training participants will be in a group of five to six with an experienced inspector as the lead inspector and facilitator. Day 2 of Field Training will be in a smaller group of two participants, with the mentor providing guidance, observations and to assess participant performance. 

This training is designed for: 

  1. prospective inspectors who have successfully completed an IOIA Basic Inspection Training, but have not completed an apprenticeship,  
  2. current inspectors wishing to add additional organic inspection scope(s) and resumé, 
  3. inspectors or reviewers to use as a hands on refresher course.

The trainings are limited to 10 participants.   There is an application and approval process for acceptance into these courses.

For more information about IOIA’s Organic Inspection Field Training course please contact IOIA Training Services Director Jonda Crosby at:  jcrosby@mt.net

IOIA/CCOF Basic Organic Crop Inspection Training – Sept. 25 - 29, 2017
IOIA/CCOF Basic Organic Crop Inspection Training – Oct. 2 - 6, 2017
IOIA/CCOF Basic Organic Processing Inspection Training – Oct. 2 - 6, 2017

IOIA and California Certified Organic Farmers will cosponsor two (2) Crop Inspection Trainings and a Processing Inspection Training, at Radisson Hotel Fresno Conference Center, Fresno, California. One Crop course will be offered the week of September 25 – 29, 2017. Another Crop course and a Processing course will run concurrently, October 2 – 6, 2017.

Each course includes 4 days of instruction including a field trip to a certified organic operation, plus ½ day for testing. A minimum of 12 participants is required for each course or it will be canceled. The corresponding IOIA NOP Crop or Processing Standards webinar is prerequisite for each course. Webinars have been scheduled for participants a few weeks before the on-site course begins.
CCOF, founded in 1973, advances organic agriculture for a healthy world through organic certification, education, advocacy, and promotion. CCOF certifies to the NOP and major International standards, including EU and Canada. CCOF is accredited to NOP and ISO-65. CCOF has a solid based of clients in California and certifies throughout the US, Mexico and Canada.  To learn more about CCOF, please visit their website www.ccof.org.

Radisson Hotel Fresno Conference Center is located in Fresno, California about 15 minutes from Fresno Yosemite International Airport (FAT), Fresno, California.

Crop Training Registration, Sept. 25 – 29, 2017 -  Register Here
Crop Training Registration, Oct. 2 - 6, 2017Register Here
Processing Training Registration, Oct. 2 – 6, 2017 - Register Here

Please contact IOIA for more information about these courses. Email: ioiassistant@rangeweb.net

California Course Information

IOIA/NJDA Basic Organic Processing Inspection Training – Nov. 13-17, 2017

IOIA and the New Jersey Department of Agriculture will cosponsor a 4.5 day Basic Organic Processing Inspection training in Vineland, New Jersey on November 13-17. More details and a link to register will be posted soon.  

San José, Costa Rica, Farm Inspection Course, November 27 – December 1, 2017

IOIA and Eco-LOGICA will cosponsor a 4.5 day Basic Organic Farm Inspection training using USDA National Organic Standards as a reference. The course will be held at ICAES, Coronado in Costa Rica on November 27 to December 1, 2017. Instruction will be conducted in Spanish. Please contact Sue Wei at ph.: (506) 2297-6676, fax: (506) 2235-1638 or
e-mail: swei@eco-logica.com or further information.

Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea, Processing Course, December 4-8, 2017
IOIA and Isidor Sustainability Research Institute will cosponsor a 4.5 day Basic Organic Processing Inspection Training using the Korea Organic Regulation as a reference. The Processing course will be given in Korean language and held in Anyang-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea: December 4-8, 2017. For enquiries, please contact Nan Young, phone:  +82-31-424-9792   Fax: +82-31-424-9793 Email: bintou1020@gmail.com

IOIA/PCO Crop and Livestock Training, State College, Pennsylvania, April 2018

Still under development, a link to register will be posted here soon.

Crop inspection course – April 9-13
Livestock inspection course – April 16-20